Faces, documents and places over the Years

Rev. Duke Yonge 1823-1881. Photographic pioneer.

John Bargus Yonge 1821-1863

Dr. James Yonge 1793-1870

John Yonge 1788-1877

Dorothea Layton nee Yonge 1870-1968

Charles Yonge 1726-1798

Elizabeth Yonge nee Duke m 1746 d 1790

John Francis Duke Yonge 1814-1879 in uniform of the Devon Militia

Maurice Yonge lived middle 17th century and was a officer in the Guards

James Yonge 1748-1797

Admiral William Young 1751-1821

Admiral William Young 1751-1821 (P51) Death entry

Rev John Yonge 1720-1767

James Yonge 1647-1745

James Upton Yonge as a naval cadet 1872-1958

Ambrose Pode Yonge 1878-1956

Geoffrey Bowen Yonge b 1898 kia 1918

Yonge Family on steps of Puslinch 1850's

Yonge Family on steps of Puslinch 1950's

Charlotte Young nee Fyers. Married 1802 Admiral James Young and died 1850

Admiral James Young senior 1717-1789

Mary Yonge nee Upton 1694-1771. Through her Puslinch came to the Family

Admiral James Young 1717-1789

Walter Doughton Yonge 1881-1941

Walter Francis Yonge 1844-1924 and his wife Lucy

John Colborne, Lord Seaton 1778-1863 Married Elizabeth Yonge

Elizabeth Colborne (Lady Seaton) nee Yonge 1790-1872

Duke Edmund Yonge 1903-19889 on his marriage to Nancy Evans

Elizabeth Yonge nee Duke. Married John Yonge 1720-1767

Charlotte Mary Yonge 1823-1901 and her mother

Charlotte Mary Yonge 1823-1901. Authoress.

Charlotte Mary Yonge R39 Her chair at Otterborne Church

Charlotte Mary Yonge 1823-1901 at Puslinch

Charlotte Mary Yonge 1823-1901 R39 Grave at foot of Keble Monument

James Yonge 1647-1721

James Yonge 1647-1721 L3 Marriage to Jane Cramporne 1671

Ian Yonge Compiler of this website

Alan Duke Yonge 1909-1988 and Maretta Yonge nee White 1919-1977

Brabazon Duke Yonge 1920-1942 U46

Brabazon Duke Yonge 1920-1943 U46 - HMAS Canbera in which he died

Kenneth Duke Yonge born 1884 T34

Arthur Duke Yonge 1887-1965 T35

Paul Duke Yonge 1925-2014 U47

John "Jack Yonge 1893-1973 (T67) in 1915

John "Jack" Yonge (T67) - Hendon Group Photo

John "Jack" Yonge - the aircraft he learned to fly on

John "Jack" Yonge 1893-1973 (T67) - World War 1 Medals

John "Jack" Yonge 1893-1973 (T67) 1940 picture

Arthur George Twining Yonge 1915-1943

Arthur George Twining Yonge 1915-1943 and his bride

Philip Evelyn Yonge 1912-2002 on his marriage

Cyprian Hubert Yonge 1913-1998 on his marriage

Frederick Duke Yonge 1816-1889 The Bank of England on which he migrated to New Zealand - courtesy Hull Maritime Museum

Frederick Duke Yonge 1816-1889 Gravestone

Frederick Duke Yonge 1816-1889 his first "raupo" house in New Zealand

William Crawley Yonge 1795-1854

William Crawley Yonge 1795-1854 Vicarage at Cornwood Devon whee he grew up

William Crawley Yonge 1795-1854 his grave at Otterborne Hanta

William Crawley Yonge 1795-1854 In middle age

James Frederick Moore Yonge and Helene Yonge

Stephen Duke Yonge

Stephen George Yonge

John Duke and Arthur David Yonge as boys

James Peterson Yonge

Eleanor Cecilia Regina Yonge as a young girl

Duke Douton Yonge

Arthur Duke Yonge

John Eyre Yonge

James Upton Yonge in Madagascar

John Francis Duke Yonge in militia uniform

John Francis Duke Yonge Grave

John Vaughan Yonge in RAF Uniform

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